Nikelwa Bvumbi

Nikelwa Bvumbi Nikelwa Bvumbi is a highly creative person, qualified fashion designer and a business woman. She is best described as an integrated, strategic creative person. After finishing her studies in fashion designing, she started her business from her parents’ home. In order to enhance her business acumen, she decided to join the corporate environment and joined Woolworths, working her way up and became a Fashion Buyer. She then left to start her gifting business focusing in the craft sector, growing the business to a successful promotional and events co-ordinating business.

Because of her nature and commitment in uplifting others, Nikelwa does a considerable amount of business with other small businesses especially those businesses that are run by young entrepreneurs and women. She feels strongly about working across cultures as this adds to her experience.

Nikelwa is enthusiastic, warm spirited, full of positive energy and passion. She has taken on hobbies that enhance her skills like photography, illustration classes and other creative projects.