Orchid 10 was established in February 2010.  The group was initially formed to serve as a vehicle for members to save together and through this to contribute to a mutually agreed upon social cause.

The group collectively spans a number of sectors including corporate, government, small business, higher education as well as social entrepreneurship.

In coming together, the group realised that the diverse skills and talents, passions and a deep commitment to contribute towards social upliftment was a critical resource that could be used strategically to advance an agenda that explores wealth creation as well as contribute towards sustainable social development.

In addition to those critical objectives, the soul of Orchid10 lies in its objectives around personal growth.  At the outset, key principles informing the engagement of the group were the values of femininity, nurturing, prosperity, friendship and abundance– just as these are embodied within the symbolism of an Orchid!   Orchid 10 is a sisterhood where we celebrate, motivate, encourage and support each with love and respect.  Our diversity educates, enlightens and teaches us tolerance and patience with each other and the world, which helps us to grow in a nurturing environment.

Provinces Represented